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The heart of our horse operation is based off the foundation of two great stallions; the Lowry Star bloodlines and the bloodlines of Tee Jay Whippet.  Lowry Star himself was born in 1976; a blue roan Quarter Horse that was known for his ability to sire great rope and performance horses. Passing on the attributes of the foundation quarter horses along with predominate roan color, big bone, big hip and pretty face.
Calf Roping Lowry
1996 AQHA  blue roan
15.2 hand,1413 lbs
Calf Roping Lowry, a 1996 AQHA blue roan (15.2 hand 1413 pound) son of Lowry Star, is a big boned stallion with a big hip and a pretty face.  He is really making a name for himself by producing many great rope, ranch, and arena horses.  There is a real future for the Lowry Star horses on any ranch. Whether roping, working or playing, Lowry Star horses have a great deal of “go” along with good minds, solid bodies and beautiful color. They'll go the distance with plenty of bottom left at the end of a long day. It’s a great feeling knowing you’re mounted solidly as you ride into the arena.  They give 110% every time they charge out of the box.  They work above and beyond other horses in the pastures working the cattle, getting the job done and doing it again the next day, loving every minute of it. That's what makes these horses so special.
Jay Tee Whippet
1989 Bay Roan AQHA
15.2 hands, 1433 lbs
Jay Tee Whippet, son of Tee Jay Whippet & grandson of Jackie Bee, has proven himself worthy in the roping arena with many trophy saddles & buckles to his credit.  You will find his colts in almost every roping or performance event where the competition is tough.   These colts will out perform any horse on the circuit.  They are easily recognized by their big bone, big hip, and roan color; usually on the way to the pay window to claim the day’s winnings. We have found the Jay Tee Whippet offspring to be extreme athletes with a lot of speed, stamina, and a great mind.  The key to success in any discipline is being well mounted.

We are very pleased to announce our affiliation with KJ Cattle Co., the new home of “Calf Ropin’ Lowry” and “Jay Tee Whippet”.   We are grateful to have these two stallions located in our area thanks to The Double H Quarter Horse Ranch of Carnduff, SK, Canada.    KJ Cattle Co. is beginning their breeding program solely based upon these stallions.  Kevin and Judy’s breeding program includes foundation bloodlines of Blue Valentine, Joe Hancock and Jackie Bee.  Their intent is to produce colts that will become working cow horses; strong, rugged and built for whatever you throw at them and with the minds to handle it.  A horse that will be a champion at any discipline; just like the foundation horses that were bred and built years ago.  We can’t wait to see the foal crop of 2012 and get our hands on one of them!   Call Kevin and Judy at 417-217-1554 to talk with them about their program and future sales.


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